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Thank you for visiting Ardent Designs Photography online! We are pleased to present to you our online portfolio as well as more information about ADP.

ADP is the latest iteration of a photographic career that spans 20 years, and began with photographing pets and champion show dogs for families and breeders. This company was affectionately named Critter Pictures. Joe Attended Lansing Community College Media Institute and majored in commercial & architectural photography in the late 80's to Early 90's and Graduated summa cum laude. Concurrently with the Media Institute Joe was working as an assistant and photographer at a combination portrait studio (Creative Image) and advertising agency (Forsberg Advertising) in Lansing, Michigan.

Joe Then moved to Ann Arbor and worked as a photographer at the University of Michigan along with many other photographers and served in a unit of the University Hospital called Biomedical Communications (later known as BMC). While at the University Joe honed many photographic skills including, studio, & location photography ranging from small products, individual head shots and scientific photography to architectural interior and exterior photos. Joe's photos adorned a multitude of annual reports, advertising style brochures, and periodic publications. Along with working as a university photographer he began "The Eye Works" which was his own photographic endeavor shooting for ad agencies, designers, and businesses to fulfill their marketing needs. He utilized space in his own home as studio space for small products and art photos, and further developed his own location lighting style for shooting anything that they could throw in front of the camera.

The universities stiff creative culture motivated Joe to make a change and he explored a separate career in computer networking and has become a successful network analyst for many companies over the years, but photography is and always will be his first love. Currently ADP shoots Ardent Designs Jewelry & Glass and many of the spaces that Studio Intrigue Architects in Lansing, MI, has designed. Also ADP has opened an online shop at etsy to sell unique photographic prints, greeting and note cards.

Please take some time to view the ADP online portfolios and contact us at Ardent Designs with questions or requests for bids on your location photography needs. Also stop by our online shop to view and purchase several unique photographic prints, greeting and note cards.