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Ardent Designs is a creative endeavor by Joelyn Welch, based in Ypsilanti, which is in southeast Michigan.

Joelyn creates lovely hand made jewelry from the highest quality materials, hooks and posts are 14 Kt Gold, Silver or Niobium. Designs include gold or silver plated decor, semi precious Stones, Swarovski Crystals and custom made Fused Glass.

Joelyn started creating jewelry in 1998 with a passion to compose metals and beads. Practicality along with elegance are the priorities that guide her design, while nature, textures and shapes are all inspirations.

Joelyn always had a fascination with glass, so in 2008 she began fusing glass. Since then she has worked to combine her old and new techniques to create a brand new exciting line of products.

Ardent Designs has been selling jewelry on since 2010 and Amazon since 2011. In 2012, Ardent Designs is expanding to small retail shops and boutiques in select markets around Michigan.

Ardent Designs is a supporter of independant artisians everywhere. If you are not already aware, there are millions of indy artists that create diverse unique items that are of superior quality to anything you can find at a big box store, and typically it is priced competitively.

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